Cosplay Prints!

Seeing photos of yourself digitally is cool and all, but y'know what's also really cool? Having an amazingly gorgeous print you can show off at home or admire when the power's out or your battery's dead! There's always something wonderfully tactile about collecting prints. Also all prints are watermark-free for full quality admiration.

Print Availability:

  • Albums - Yes! (Via private sale to the cosplayer pictured only, unless otherwise agreed with the cosplayer.)
  • Private Client Final Galleries - Yes! (Via private sale to the cosplayer pictured only, unless otherwise agreed with the cosplayer.)
  • Private Client Proofing Galleries - No.
  • Legacy Albums - No.

All prints are done by Nulab Professional Imaging in Australia and a shipped directly from the lab to you!
Because of the printer's location however prices are in AUD, however the exchange-rate to NZD isn't usually too different.

How to buy prints

Thanks for doing a shoot with me and I'm super happy you're interested in getting prints of our work together!

  • Make sure you Login to the site first!
  • Locate the photo(s) within the album you want to have printed.
  • There are multiple ways you can select and order images for print!


Method 1: (Single Image at a time)

  • Firstly, if you simply click "buy" while hovering over an image preview, pick "Visit shop" to select size AND finish options.
  • If you click the (+) by the size you want, it will simply add the photo to cart in the chosen size with a Lustre finish by default. 

Method 2: (Multi-Image Selection)

  • On the album page in the right hand corner you will get the options to "Buy," "Download," or watch the album as a "Slideshow."
  • Clicking "Buy," in the upper right corner the website will present you with the option to select the whole gallery for print ordering, or let you specify only a selection of images.
  • If you want to pick individual photos, simply check the dots for which images you wish to get and then click "Buy Selected" in the upper right corner of the site.
  • NOTE: If you wish to buy multiple images but have them different sizes (e.g. three 4x6 photos, but also two 8x10 photos,) you will need to select them in groups by sizing (the three 4x6's,) adding those to cart and  then selecting the images you want at a different size (the two 8x10's,) picking those options, and adding those to cart and so forth.
  • The site will allow you to select the size and finish options for selection of images as a group, and add them to cart.
  • You can add images to your cart from multiple albums, as long as you have access granted to them.


Before you Checkout!

  • Always check your cart! It gives you an overview of ALL the photos you've added to cart, with details of size, finish and quantity. Check everything's correct before proceeding to Checkout!
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and check your details along the way.
  • Once your order is placed you will be taken to a confirmation screen and emailed a confirmation.
  • Within the Order Confirmation email you will also get a link to check on the status of your order(s.) You may also pull up additional details by clicking the order in the list. Here you will also see Tracking information if available.
  • All done and your prints will be heading your way asap!