Photoshoot Terms & Conditions:

  • You may Share/Re-upload the Watermarked version of photos, uncropped and unaltered from how they were provided to you. It would be rad if you linked to my page!
  • If you wish to share an image on Instagram or other platforms that use set shapes for their images, please scale the whole image to fit within the bounds, DO NOT CROP. There is a fantastic app for Instagram called "No Crop" that I highly recommend.
  • If you intend to Share/Re-upload a photo to a submission page / online publication, you may do so using the Watermarked image as long as I'm credited as the Photographer ('NichelleMedia Photography' / Website link) and notified before submission.
  • STRICTLY no cropping, no re-editing, no altering (or etc) of any of my photos, nor may you get someone/something else to. I put a lot of time into each shot so the image is as intended.
  • Images are released as-is. I will not re-edit shots on request.
  • If you wish to use a photo I've taken of you in a banner or other graphic work (Avatars / Instagram collages) that requires cropping, please contact me. Generally it'll be fine, but I'd like to know beforehand so we can work out the best approach together! I love graphics.
  • You may, for promotions/events, place text or graphics tastefully over the photo so long as it complies with all previous guidelines.
  • Non-Watermarked images are available upon request by the client, but only strictly for use in private work-portfolios/graphic work. (I.E. Banner example or profile picture.) Only watermarked images are to be shared online normally. This is to protect both the Cosplayer and Photographer.
  • For Online work-portfolios please use a watermarked image. This is again for the protection of both the Cosplayer and Photographer.

If I find any of these terms not adhered to I will contact the client to try rectify the situation with a reminder.

Repetitive breaking of these terms will result in being blacklisted for shoots.